WHAT WAS FOUND: The Archive Project

Letter to Contributors


I invite you to be a contributor to What Was Found: The Archive Project. I hope your engagement will be fruitful for you as well as for the project. This work is part of my studies in the Low-Residency MFA Program at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago which culminate in July 2018. If you're interested, please see the text below the poster image.

What Was Found Poster MASTER FINAL COLOR Feb 2018 SMALL copy.jpg

The overarching idea for this project acknowledges that art is not created in a vacuum and that each work comes out of the input, inspiration, and all manner of support from the people in one's life. The project also acknowledges that the work is separate from me and is acting in the world in ways I am aware of and in ways I do not know. This project is an effort to bring the works together and also the people in relation to those works. Colleagues, gallery directors, curators, teachers, friends, family, students, and anyone who has a relationship with the work. 

With this archive, I am gathering together images, drawings, text and objects relating to my practice over the past 20 years. You are an important part of that practice. In inviting your contribution, I ask that you focus on your relationship with the work, rather than on your relationship with me. I recognize those are two different things.

The poster image is meant to call to mind some of the works that are emblematic of my practice. There are other works that you may recall and to which you may choose to relate. Your contribution can take any different form: writing about the work, writing that speaks to the work directly, drawings, poems, a word, a photo, images of work you were making concurrent to this work, a recollection of an opening where the work was on view, questions the work poses for you, a critique, a rant, an anecdote, a blessing, or simply no comment. Any and all are welcome.

The collected contributions will be curated into an artists book which will have an unruly, non-linear form with the intention of allowing visuals and text to collide in a visual compost of images and ideas relating to the practice and the people and the contexts around which the practice evolved.

All contributions are appreciated as soon as possible! The book will be printed in late May. 
I plan to have the book completed, printed and bound in time for my thesis exhibition opening July 12, 2018!
A pdf version will be available online for all contributors to see :-) 

Please send all contributions...
- drawings
- images
- text
- objects
 via snail mail OR email (jpeg or pdf) to: 

Nancy Murphy Spicer
Mana Contemporary
2233 South Throop Street
Studio 617
Chicago, IL  60608


Thank you for taking part in this project!