Disrupted Drawings, 2015

Street posters repeatedly layered to the point of becoming solid objects, graffiti removals which then become a new set of graphic signs on the urban landscape, a medicine cabinet painted with so many layers of paint the rectilinear edges become soft — these inspirations all represent surfaces, shapes and objects that somehow appeal although their resulting aesthetic was not the intention of the hand that created them. 

There is a parallel kind of layering in the various arcs in life. The new job, the burgeoning friendship, the fresh love — often start with a sense of simple wholeness that is gradually disrupted and requires repair. These shifts can bring a different kind of wholeness, often awkward and beautiful in a new way. 

Disrupted Drawings explore the beauty that emerges from a rough process of iterations. In making these works, I revel in the quirky, unique object of a drawing that emerges and asserts its rightness in the midst of its many imperfections. 

Nancy Murphy Spicer, 2015