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January 2012: Printmaking!

The saturation of color I was using in the Biking in Berlin drawings inspired me to take another look at silkscreen. I took a short course in Silkscreen at Spike Print Studio just across the hall from my studio. It felt lightening fast - just 5 weeks long - but I learned alot and got a great orientation to the silkscreen studio. I made the first few prints using enlarged details of the Berlin drawings just focusing on the tight meeting of simple blocks of color. Then for the final print I did a small edition of an enlargement of one of the Notebook Drawings, How can it sustain itself? I really enjoyed the luscious ink and brilliant colors and the physicality of the process. Curious to see what will come next!

In a recent trip to London, I saw these striking woodcuts by Brazilian artist Lygia Pape at the Serpentine Gallery. I love the simplicity of the marks and the surface of the ink resting on the Japanese paper. Maybe woodcuts should be my next investigation...